Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I decided to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2022 as a way to celebrate graduating from college as well as to challenge myself to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Prior to the climb, I was in constant communication with Tom Analytis. He was very helpful, answering all of my questions and explaining all of the routes in detail to make sure I was comfortable with all of my decisions regarding the trek.

The professionalism Tom showed and the care that the Kiliwarriors team provided was evident even before I arrived in Tanzania. Arriving in Tanzania, I was greeted by the Kiliwarriors team who took care of everything right from the beginning. The accommodations and food available at Kibo Palace was great! In addition, meeting the team during the gear check and briefing was very smooth and comforting. They made sure we had everything we needed and explained the hike in full detail. Wilburt carefully checked all of my gear prior to making sure I was prepared and had all of the necessary equipment for our hike up to the top. He explained very thoroughly what I should pack in my daypack while keeping the rest in my duffel bag.

My group was composed of 8 other hikers (besides myself) which made the experience even more special and enjoyable as I was able to enjoy the hardships as well as the triumphs with them throughout our time on the mountain. We quickly got along!

Our head-guide was Shedrak, who was very knowledgeable about the mountain. He made sure to consistently stop at certain points to teach us a little bit about the plant-life and the landscape. In addition, he made sure we were hydrated, physically well, and his enthusiasm truly helped support our morale that pushed us as we hiked to each camp. Another one of our guides, Ephata, was also amazing and made the experience even better. He was always smiling and made sure we were okay during the hikes as well as in the camps. He kept a proper and steady pace for our team.

The rest of the team went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience possible. Mama Luis cooked some of the best food on the mountain. He alway surprised us with the dishes he would whip out from his tent on the mountain. Johannes carried my personal duffel bag and was always at the front of the campsite to greet me and help me to my tent after each day. Gilbert and Kanini also went above and beyond, and I definitely could not have completed the summit without them. They helped me especially when I was running out of energy and was struggling with oxygen and fatigue during the summit push.

This Kiliwarriors team is the best anyone could ask for and I truly could not have done it without any of them. They were so positive, accommodating, and caring. They did everything in their power to make
sure I as well as everyone else on the team succeeded in making it to the summit. All eight climbers in our group successfully summited and I believe that the Lemosho Western-Breach played a big role in that. The acclimatization the route offers allows the highest chance of success and making it to the top of Kilimanjaro. The extra time offered by this route allows you to acclimatize for the final push. The breach is also unique because it offers hikers a chance to see a variety of different things that other trekking companies do not normally encounter. For example, I thought it was a special and unique experience to be able to see the Scott Fischer memorial on the mountain. In addition, the route offers some privacy especially on Arrow Glacier camp. You also get to see and touch some of the summit glaciers on the top of Kilimanjaro, which is an experience not many get to do!

This was definitely a trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend Kiliwarriors for anyone who wants to successfully make it to the top and have a wonderful, positive, and professional team to help them achieve that goal. I came to Tanzania not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know anyone on the team or who I would be climbing the mountain with. I left feeling very welcomed and felt that I have become a part of the Kiliwarrior family! I want to thank everyone at Kiliwarrior Expeditions for the memories and the experience that I will truly remember!

To anyone who is thinking about which team to join when accomplishing the dream of climbing Mt.
Kilimanjaro, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, but Kiliwarriors.

Brian Balisi (CA, USA)

Here is my experience at climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Small excerpt from Sticks World Travel – Dan’s travel blog:

“Climbing Kilimanjaro is without doubt one of the hardest experiences I have ever done. It is also one of the most amazing. You always get the greatest success from the hardest things, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I learned so much about ME, I learned that I love a good challenge, the harder the challenge; the more I worked to achieve it, the better I felt after achieving it. This trip certainly has changed me for the better.”

Dan wrote a great blog post about the entire trip with us. You can click here to read the blog post on his blog.

Daniel Spearman (UK)

Best guides on the mountain

I present to you the absolute legends that got me to the top. This special group of individuals operated like a well oiled machine. Best guides on the mountain, fastest porters around and no one was eating better than us when “Mama” Louis was cooking. These guys are looked at like superstars by the other teams and locals. No one else comes close.
Thank you Shedrack, Efatha, Gilbert, Omary, Louis, Kanini, Alfani, Johannes, and all the others!

Colin Nabawaniec (USA)


BEAUTY BEYOND WORDS… EXERTION IN THE EXTREME… A MUST DO ONCE IN A LIFETIME!! There are no words… you simply have to be there yourself to know what we are talking about. My husband and I (66 and 62 years old) climbed Kilimanjaro in July 2022. The experience is a highlight of our lives which we attribute to Kiliwarrior Expeditions. Their team of over 60 for 9 climbers is exceptional and therefore the attention to detail, care for our well-being and excellent food sets them apart. I highly recommend their tour as well as the 9 day Lemosho Western Breach route because one really does need the extra days to acclimatize to the altitude. THANK YOU KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS FOR THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE IMAGINABLE! Anyone reading this… JUST DO IT!!!

Judy Woodgate (South Africa)

You will be safe, eat delicious and enjoy every single step

We climbed Kilimanjaro on February and it was an amazing experience 🙂 Ephata and Nsaji, our guides and the rest of the crew were always supportive and making sure that we were having a great time. Doing Lemosho Western-breach was the best decision ever, the views are wonderful, we had enough time to properly acclimatize, and seeing the Northern Icefield was incredible. Highly recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions, you will be safe, eat delicious and enjoy every single step 🙂

Sandra Pavia Ovalle (Mexico)

The hardest thing my wife and I have EVER done

‘Summiting Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Western-Breach route was the hardest thing my wife and I have EVER done. It is also our most exhilarating and noteworthy achievement, BUT… the real hero’s are our Kiliwarrior support team. Nine climbers, SIXTY in the support team including guides, a chef, cooks, cleaners, porters… everyone carries. Every drop of water for our showers, to flush the portaloo, the portaloo itself, the shower & loo cubicles, the sleeping tents, mattresses, pillows, our 15kg kit bags with our sleeping bags & personal items, mess tents, tables, chairs, pots & pans, solar lights, all the food, fragile eggs & squashable bread, emergency equipment including oxygen, is carried up hectic, rocky, unstable slopes. Each day, AFTER we leave camp, they dissemble and load themselves like mules. Throughout the day, in groups, they pass us: “Porters on the left” becomes a song that dominos down our line of hikers so that we can step out of the way so as not to break their rhythm. By the time we arrive at our next camp, everything is already perfectly set up AND… believe it or not, this cheerful team backtrack to meet us. They relieve us of our backpacks and carry them the last bit of the way to camp. They offer to remove our boots and bring us a bowl of warm water to wash with. They serve us & care for us. They encourage us with their chants of “sawa sawa” (okay okay) and “pole pole” (slowly slowly). They help us with our footholds when the slope is tricky and unstable. They position our feet when our hands are gripping tightly to rocks above our heads and we daren’t look down. What amazing people! THANK YOU KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS… we could not have done this without you. You humble us!!!”

Douglas Woodgate (South Africa)

By far the best expedition company on Kilimanjaro!

By far the best expedition company on Kilimanjaro!
I did the 9 day western breach route and also did the 1 day Tarangire safari.
Kiliwarrior Expeditions is squared away on everything. From making sure you’re as prepared you can be to the transfers to and from the airport and park gates to the follow up afterwards to ensure all expectations were met. The entire time we were in Tanzania Kiliwarrior and the awesome group of guides and drivers cared for our every need.
Our head guides Shedrack and Efatha along with all the other porters truly made the experience memorable. Every morning they greet you and and ask how your doing and you can tell they really care for you and want you to make it to the summit.
We had Jonas for our safari. Jonas is very knowledgeable and knows the park very well. He answered all of our questions and we even saw 2 lions! The park was full of animals and Jonas was able to tell us something new about each one every time.
If you’re considering climbing Kilimanjaro or even just doing a safari I highly recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions.

Matthew Edwards (TX, USA)

This was my first multi-day hiking/camping trip

As this was my first multi-day hiking/camping trip, I was nervous about my ability to manage. From the moment I met Wilbert at the airport, to gear check, to our first team meeting, I knew I was in good hands. From mama Luis’s delicious soups, to Kanini’s morning wake up calls, Shedrack’s jokes, Efatha’s helping hand, and everyone else’s smiles and cheers, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect, safe, and beautiful experience. I trusted every single one of the team with my life, and I know I was able to summit because of their care and guidance. I can’t recommend these amazing people enough. With absolute gratitude, Lenka

Lenka (NY, USA)

My husband and I decided to hike Kilimanjaro to celebrate our 50th birthdays over the summer of 2020

My husband, Dmitry, and I decided to hike Kilimanjaro to celebrate our 50th birthdays over the summer of 2020. Covid had other plans. After discussing the trip extensively via email and over the phone with Gerry Analytis (Kiliwarrior co-founder) and also his son, Tom, we decided to postpone the trip by a year and, instead, celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! Gerry moved our reservations, honored all of our deposits, and stayed in touch with us throughout the delay. This was our first inkling of the professionalism and attention to customer service that Kiliwarrior Expeditions provide for their clients.
It is said that life is about the journey, not the destination. Although the destination in this case was completely awesome, the journey was second to none. Upon arrival in Tanzania, Wilburt (managing partner in Tanzania-good luck with the Boston Marathon!) and Gerry attended to our every need. The accommodations and food were excellent at the Kibo Palace and communications about each step of our trip were extremely clear. My husband and I decided to visit two local hospitals in Moshi and Gerry arranged the transportation for us along with arranging transportation for another member of our group who visited a children’s organization.
Our group was comprised of seven hikers and this journey was made all the more special by making the trek with them. We quickly became like family and from the first night at the hotel, it was apparent that this was going to be an amazing trip for all of us and that we would be a handful. We laughed until we cried and never shut up for the entire hike – except for the breach/summit day when we just focused our energies on breathing!
Leading our crazy crew was Josea – our lead guide. A true gentleman with knowledge that ran deep and wide. He constantly was checking on each of us to make sure that we were hydrated, feeling well both mentally and physically, and that we had everything we needed for success. Ephata – whose wit and infectious smile lightened everyone’s day. We still can’t believe that he did all of those push-ups on the summit with Chris after that climb! “Life is good!” Shedrack – who did not always talk but who was always listening and taking care of you and cracking jokes. So kind and funny (loved the Simba cave – D really expected the lion to come out). Mama Luis – the chef who is second to none on the mountain making the most amazing meals that 99% of people could not make at sea level! Gilbert (AKA my Angel Gabriel) who was my personal porter and Johannes (AKA Rooster) who was Dmitry’s personal porter made our climb so much more enjoyable. We still say “Sippy-sippy” to each other. Kanini – who was the camp manager who was the glue that held everything together and could sing a song and tell a story to make everyone laugh.
As far as service and attention to detail, at every camp that we came to, we noticed that Kiliwarriors had the nicest tents, bathrooms, a shower (this was amazing – and most of our group took 2 or 3 during the trek at multiple elevations!), biggest mess tent, and the list goes on. When it got cold, we were given hot water bottles to put in our sleeping bags. We checked our vitals three times a day. We had warm drinks delivered to our tents every morning, a bowl of warm water and soap for washing twice a day, popcorn and tea for a snack after a day’s hike – everything was done to make our journey feel special at every turn.
It took a staff of 49 porters/guides to get 7 people up the mountain – so the real heroes of the trip were all of them. They are super humans and one of the most fun things for Dmitry and me was listening to them all laughing and singing in their 2 tents at the end of the day’s hike. One could tell that they loved what they were doing and that they were having a great time with each other.
All seven of our party summited and we directly attribute it to our 7 day ascent and 2 day descent. I have a few friends who have tried to summit Kili and failed because of altitude sickness. They all did 5 and 6 day ascents. Having the extra time to acclimatize at Lava Tower and Glacier Camp was key because we all needed to get used to the altitude prior to the final push.
For Dmitry and me, this was a trip of a lifetime and we did not want to leave anything to chance. It was the hardest physical test that either of us have experienced – and we have run marathons and D has done extensive hiking and multi-day back packing trips in the White Mountains and Mt. McKinley. We wanted to go with the best company that was most interested in making sure that we had a safe and amazing journey. Although we could have gone with other cheaper companies, every penny was worth it!
We came to Tanzania as strangers and we left feeling like we had family there. Thank you to everyone at Kiliwarrior Expeditions for the gift of a memory that will last a lifetime!
Ame and Dmitry (MA, USA)

Without a doubt climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was the best trip I have been on

Without a doubt climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was the best trip I have been on, from the guides, to the porters, the tents, food, and more. This trip was a goal of mine for several years and my experience with Kiliwarriors was better than anything I could have ever imagined. I was immediately impressed with the timeliness in communication (we are talking responses within minutes) as well as the attention to detail. I seriously cannot recommend them enough. I have been telling everyone I know about this amazing trip, and it’s all due to the team at Kiliwarriors. Kiliwarrirors does an astounding job making sure that you have everything you need before your trip, answering any questions, and personally calling you to make sure all goes smoothly upon arrival.
Even though I’m a physically fit, female in my 20’s, I still had to push to get up the Western Breach. The team made sure that I was safe the whole time and helped me along the way. I found Kiliwarriors through YouTube (I follow The Vagabrothers and Alex the Vagabond). Go watch their video to learn more about the trip and why they go above and beyond!
Kiliwarriors is extremely accommodating with COVID, too. They made sure all health requirements were ready for my return to ease the stress of travel. I was originally supposed to climb Kilimanjaro July of 2020, but Kiliwarriors allowed me to push my date to a later time, with no cost. AMAZING!
Our guides were extremely knowledgeable, answering any questions we had, showing us everything on the trails, and even taking us to some hidden spots that I noticed other hikers missed out on. They paid close attention to each hiker making sure they were comfortable and healthy. The porters are the superheroes of the whole trip, carrying everything you need in less time. They were all extremely kind and friendly, and made you smile whenever you saw them. You could tell that the Kiliwarriors crew has an amazing community built on respect.
What drew me in to Kiliwarriors was the one of a kind experience you get on the mountain. We had the best tents from all the different groups I saw. The tents were roomy, warm, and comfortable; honestly I slept better on the mountain than I did at home. The mess hall tent, bathroom tent, and shower tent were an added bonus for comfort and community. I loved having many of the campsites to ourselves as well.
THE FOOD is literally to die for. The best food on the mountain. Everything is hand made and cooked in front of you. There are some amazing surprises waiting for you as you get higher up the mountain. I loved going into the kitchen tent to get warm, watch the men work, and get to know the Kiliwarrior family better. I highly recommend taking Kiliwarriors. You get to see views other groups do not take, climb amazing lava boulders and make amazing friends. The whole experience makes me want to go and live in Tanzania.
Even though I’m a physically fit, female in my 20’s, I still had to push to get up the Western Breach. The team made sure that I was safe the whole time and helped me along the way. I found Kiliwarriors through YouTube (I follow The Vagabrothers and Alex the Vagabond). Go watch their video to learn more about the trip and why they go above and beyond!
Highlights of the trip included scrambling up Lava Tower, seeing the outline of Kibo against the thousands of stars at night, having our campsites to ourselves, singing and dancing with the crew, the awards ceremony, walking past and touching the glaciers, and of course summiting Kibo successfully. Every little thing, every detail was worth every cent spent on this trip.
Sarah (IA, USA)

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Kiliwarrior Expeditions was an incredible and life changing experience

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Kiliwarrior Expeditions was an incredible and life changing experience. Everyone on the staff was superb and provided first class service. Tom and Gerry were responsive and informative with helping me plan, pack, and book my trip. Wilbert and the Kiliwarrior team in Tanzania were second to none. I could not have made it to the summit without the help of the entire staff. The team’s encouragement, as well as assistance and guidance, was critical to my success. Climbing the Western Breach is not easy, but it is worth every minute of pain and struggle once you make it to the rim. The food throughout the entire trek was fantastic (shout-out to Chef Louis). The equipment provided by the Kiliwarrior team was of the highest quality. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions. I would give them six stars if I could.
Special shout-out to Efatha (pictured) who became like a brother to me throughout this trek. He truly cared for my success as well as the success of the other climbers.
Samuel Chambliss (AL, USA)

Climbing Kilimanjaro had a bigger purpose for me

Recently graduating college, it was the first major decision in my life that I independently made without anyone else’s input. When I first decided I was going, family & close friends told me I was crazy, constantly bringing up concern after concern during my prep.
From my first call with Tom- I knew I was in good hands. I knew this company was the real deal with how passionate Tom was on the phone. I had seen videos, photos, and testimonials but nothing was as convincing as hearing Tom talk about the team at Kiliwarriors. Instantly, I was hooked.
From the moment I got there, Kiliwarriors took care of everything. When I arrived, my luggage was a few days behind. During our first prep meeting, Wilbert & the other guides assured me everything would be fine & that the worst case was that Wilbert would give me all his gear! Talk about selflessness.
The only thing I had to worry about the entire trek was putting one foot in front of the other. The team at Kiliwarriors is filled with the most exceptional & inspiring people I have ever met. These guys are the happiest, grounded, and mentally tough individuals I have ever come across.
If you are sitting there right now contemplating whether or not you should do it- this is your sign – DO IT. CLIMB KILIMANJARO WITH KILIWARRIORS!
Adam Gross (NC, USA)

Highly Professional Team

They are a highly professional team with guides with experience of seventeen years. They are well known by other companies, porters and guides all over the mountain. Their staff are capable of adapting towards each individual client’s needs. Their camp chef can cook according to your dietary restrictions or preferences which was a big plus. They ensure that you are well prepared by going over your gear and calorie intake and are never short in providing the much needed mental support. They are a lively, active and disciplined bunch made hard by the mountain.

Adolfo Estella (Philppines)

What an amazing experience!

From beginning to end this company was super professional. From booking the trip, to airport pick up and drop off, to the hotel, to sight seeing, to guiding us up Kilimanjaro, to eating incredible food up the mountain. Everything was done for you, making this trip stress free. The only thing you had to do was climb, “pole pole” to the summit and then back down. Thanks for making this bucket list dream trip a reality, Kiliwarrior Expeditions!


Jarrett Church (VA, USA)

Journey Era x Kiliwarrior Expeditions

I’m Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now.  Our journey to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro with the Kiliwarriors. A strong name for a brave group of men who carry 20kg loads, tents, and supplies along the journey. Kiliwarrior Expeditions offer a premium Kili experience with all of the extra trimmings that made this trip one of the most luxurious camping experiences of my life.

In this guide to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach, it will be split into two sections. First I will share with you my photos and journal from each day of the trek. In the second section, I will brief you on everything you need to know about Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro including what to pack, costs, alternate routes, the best time of year to climb, and where to stay in Arusha before your climb.

Kilelema means ‘that which is difficult or impossible’ and the translation of Njaro means ‘bird’. History tells us when local tribes looked up at the mountain we know now as Kilimanjaro, they saw it as a perilous peak too difficult to reach, even for birds.

Read Jackson Groves’ full guide by clicking here

Jackson Groves (Australia)

Experiences of a lifetime!

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and doing a safari with Kiliwarriors were experiences of a lifetime!
They took the best care of us from initially planning the trip, providing a gear list (definitely make sure you have everything on it!), picking us up and dropping us off, coordinating a COVID test, and getting us up and down the mountain safely. Everybody along the way was so kind and friendly.
Our head guides were Shedrak and Efatha. They are both so knowledgeable, encouraging, and ensured we were hiking within our abilities and having fun. Their friendly demeanors made me feel welcome right from the beginning! Mama Luis was everything I could have hoped for in a chef – he took such pride in keeping us strong and healthy for the trek, and I wish he had a cookbook so I could make the same meals at home!
It truly takes a village to get anybody up Kilimanjaro. For a group of 3 of us climbers, we had 25 porters. They are the true MVPs, quickly hiking up the mountain and having everything set up by the time we made it to camp. We even had a toilet tent, in addition to the comfort of foam pads and a pillow to sleep on. They are also such happy people, and were like family to each other, and with how welcoming they were, I felt like a part of it too!
Summit day of the climb was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I have Kiliwarriors to thank for making it such a positive experience.
Our safari was led by Jonas. He has, what seemed like, an encyclopedic knowledge of all the animals. We saw SO many animals, and even lucked out seeing an endangered black rhino. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a nicer camera, but Jonas was so kind to send us the photos he took. The accommodations were breathtaking.
I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly for this incredible adventure than Kiliwarrior Expeditions!

Lindsay Lohr (CO, USA)

My wife and I have always dreamt about climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro!

My wife and I have always dreamt about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! We always thought that we needed to plan it way ahead of time to sort everything out and both physically and mentally prepared!
That was the plan anyways!
What happened was we by some miracle a chance popped up literally just a few weeks before I start my residency training in emergency medicine! After a quick online search we both felt that Kiliwarriors were the team for us! And my god we were so right in choosing them!
They were able to help, guide and support us to the peak is such short notice!
They were professional! Well prepared! Well equipped and simply overall awesome!
Would definitely recommend them for anyone wanting to enjoy the stunning view on-top of Africa’s roof!!
Bader and Fatemah Ali (Kuwait)

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro had become something of an obsession over the last two years

The thought of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro had become something of an obsession over the last two years. I think I watched every YouTube video and read every scrap of information that I could about it. When I talked it over with my wife I knew that we would need to find the best possible guides to help us on our way. Kiliwarriors met and exceeded every expectation I had. I cannot overstate their incredible professionalism, courtesy, and most importantly their humanity. Its obvious that this is more than just a job for them. Their passion and concern for their clients is obvious. The food they prepare and serve each day is gourmet and far beyond anything you could imagine enjoying on the side of a mountain. Each meal is prepared by “mama” Louis (Chef), and served by the legendary Kanini (Camp Manager) both of whom overflow with pride at their work. The guides are experts at not only knowing the mountain, but also at knowing people and how to help each client meet their specific goals safely and efficiently. I will always fondly remember each member of the team for all of the warmth and support they showed the entire journey. In the end I can say that while I came for the mountain I ultimately found so much more in the people. We also took advantage of our time in country to go on safari with Kiliwarriors. What a joy! George our guide/driver was an inexhaustible source of enthusiasm for his country, culture, and every description of animal. His sharp eyes would ferret out even small mice in the bushes and he could then go on at great length about their numbers and diets. During my early planning I examined several companies in an effort to find the right fit. while I am sure there are other reputable and worthy companies out there, Kiliwarriors more than earned my enthusiastic support and business. At every turn they were there for us and I know that they will continue to act as such with all of their clients.

Joshua Osborne (AL, USA)

It’s amazing how quickly strangers become friends..

It’s amazing how quickly strangers become friends and friends become family when embarking on a challenging adventure. This was most certainly the case on my climb of Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach over Christmas with KiliWarriors.
From meeting Wilbert and Gerry upon arriving in Arusha, I knew I had chosen wisely. Not only were they friendly but they have a genuineness about them that shines through. Even before we ventured off to the base of the mountain, Wilbert made some calls and managed to find me a small video/audio shop that carried an audio cord for my camera that I had dumbly forgotten back in California. He didn’t need to make those calls but he did.
Upon meeting our guides and larger group we’d be climbing with, it was clear that the genuine, family like environment did not just stop at Gerry and Wilbert. EVERYONE was amazingly kind, personable and helpful. Our head guides, Shedraq, Efatha, and Felix really set the tone.
Shedraq was always knowledgeable but also kept things light and fun. I still think about the game of “Name that Tune” we played above 14,000ft on our way to Lava Tower Camp.
Efatha is someone you chat with for one minute and you quickly realize he is a special and kind soul. His smile is infectious and I’m sure it has lifted the morale of all the groups he guides.
Felix was extremely dedicated. He had a late start joining us and trekked alone with little to no breaks to meet up with us at Lava Tower as he was tending to Mama Luis who suffered an injury before the start of our climb. Hope Luis is healing up and feeling better! Thanks for doubling up the mountain to take care of us Felix!
Our support team was big and awesome. I am in awe of their abilities and positive attitudes. Can never thank them enough for all they did for us! Too many names to list but shoutouts to Jumar for his amazing cooking, Johannes who carved the final snowy slope toward the summit ridge for us, Brown, Wilson (aka KittyMoto), Alex and everyone else! Last and certainly not least, Mr. Kananae (apologies for mis-spelling!) who seems to be the glue that holds it all together from meal serving/making sure we ate enough, singing and just being an overall awesome dude!
Finally, KiliWarrior attracts the right kind of people. I joined as a solo and met 4 other folks who I quickly grew fondly of and loved spending time on the trail as well as in the mess tent. We would talk about what brought us here, where we wanted to go next and every silly thing in between.
It was amazing to summit with this crew but as they say, it’s not about the summit, it’s about the journey and I for one, would journey with KiliWarriors any day.
This adventure may feel foreign and intimidating to you the potential climber now but email/pick up that phone and call KiliWarriors! You’ll go from stranger to friend and KiliWarrior fam within the blink of an eye.
Brian Buttray (CA, USA)

Love from Montana!

I climbed back in September! I can’t express the gratitude I have for all the Kiliwarrior’s crew! The hospitality and the genuine kindness of everyone! I recommend anyone who has climbing Kilimanjaro on their bucket list, climbing with Kiliwarriors! Hands down one of the best experiences of my life! Love from Montana!

Kirk Dehler (MT, USA)

An absolutely awesome experience

An absolutely awesome experience climbing with Kiliwarriors via Lemosho-Western Breach route in 2019. This was my second time up the mountain, first time was 20 years ago via Marangu route, but the first time cannot compare with Kiliwarriors expedition. Excellent, professional and absolutely no worries at any time of the climb. Highly recommended.

Hans Ronnqvist (Sweden)

This was one of the best trips of my life!

We have just finished a Kilimanjaro summit on the Western Breach route, and a safari with Kiliwarriors. This was one of the best trips of my life! I’ve got to say that this would not have been possible without the extraordinary organization of the guides and porters of Kiliwarriors. I cannot say enough positive things about this group. They were extraordinarily well organized, were great helping us prepare equipment and documents before the trip, provided excellent well-trained guides for the climb and safari, and were able to deal rapidly and efficiently with the inevitable minor problems that occur before, during, and after the climb and safari. But, to us the best and most memorable part of the trip was the warmth, friendly attitudes, and infectious good humor of the guides and ALL the porters! At the risk of leaving out the names of all the people that helped us on this adventure, we’d like to give special thanks to Wilbert, Shedrack, Felix, and Efatha, Khanay (Kanie sp?), Bracca(sp?), and Boni (our safari guide). By the end of the trip, we felt a part of a group of very close friends! Thanks to the entire Kiliwarrior Team, who made this an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime!

Ralph Snodgrass (CA, USA)

A 5 Star Experience From Start To Finish

After extensive research, and after reading reviews for all the major guide companies, I chose Kiliwarriors for our (me and 4 daughters) Kilimanjaro adventure in August, 2019. I was first impressed by the thoroughness of their website and the detailed description of the various climbs they support. Their packing list was spot on- we had everything we needed, and nothing that we didn’t. Email exchanges were direct and concise, making sure we had everything set to go well before we left the US. Starting from our meeting on arrival at JRO, and ending with our drop off, also at JRO, every step along the way was covered without any surprises. The support staff were tremendous, and made our trek as effortless as a climb to almost 20k feet can be. Truth be told, great food really does make a difference, and we had plenty of it and a great variety, even for my somewhat picky vegetarian daughters and not-so-vegetarian me. A 5 star experience start to finish. In summary, I highly recommend Kiliwarriors for your Kilimanjaro trek without reservation.

Brian, Madison, Maya, Amalia, and Kaila Frohna (AZ, USA)

You’ll eat like a King or Queen…

My three daughters and I did the Western-Breach Route with Kiliwarriors in early August 2019. Just an awesome experience. The guides and porters with Kiliwarriors have to be THE BEST on hte mountain. And no one is preparing food on the mountain the way Mama Louis does. You’ll eat like a king and queen… and you NEED to in order to be properly fueled to summit.

Mark, Alaina, Kaleen, and Megan Curry (PA, USA)

I would strongly recommend them

From my very first set of interactions with Gerry Analytis, to my last meal in Arusha with Wilbert Mollel and Tom Analytis, Kiliwarrior Expeditions exceeded my expectations every single time.

Their planning is meticulous, execution flawless, and professionalism at par with the best in the business.
They genuinely care for your well-being and go to, literally, any lengths to ensure you are safe and comfortable. If you do plan to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, I would strongly recommend them.

Tip: Ever fancied a pizza at 16,000 feet? That’s right, Mama Louise made one for us and I’m sure he’ll make one for you too!

Happy climbing!

Jaideep Gandhi (India)

There are many different ways to climb Mount Kilimanjaro…

Noah has written a blog post about his experience with us climbing via the Western-Breach.

Click here to read the blog!

“First of all there are countless companies nearing in the hundreds to thousands that offer a variety of routes with varying days on the mountain for each. However, there is no doubt that the longer that any one person spends on the mountain acclimating to the altitude the higher the success rate. With Kiliwarrior Expeditions they offer a 9 day climb from the Lemosho Gate via the Western-Breach, and the year 2019 they are boasting a 99% success rate for getting clients to the top. If you are a first time climber who is not accustomed to higher altitudes or don’t know your ability on a trek like this, then I’d say there should really be no question. Choose the 9 day route with Kiliwarrior Expeditions. Imagine spending a few thousand dollars on a budget company then spending money on flights, a hotel, taking time off of work, and then don’t make it to the summit because the budget company was rushing you to the summit before you could properly acclimatize to the altitude. This is why I say there should be no questions on what company to choose if hiking at a high altitude is not something you’re accustomed to. “

Noah Lang (Hawaii, USA)

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Charity

Two friends and I did the 9-Day Lemosho Western-Breach hike up Kili for charity back in July. Kiliwarrior Expeditions and their amazing guides ensured that everything went so smoothly and I truly believe that having such a wonderful, caring group of people lead you up Kilimanjaro is the way to go.

I felt like I was treated as a person and really got to bond with my fellow climbers and our guides, and porters.

I can’t recommend them enough for how doable they made the climb, even when things got hard on the day we got over the Western-Breach. From the incredible food(thanks Mama Louis) to the songs that kept us motivated throughout the trip from the staff who seemed to truly enjoy being with us. Thank you for making this trip unforgettable.

We raised a total of $ 44,306 US for children battling cancer! Our goal was $ 20,000 US

Emmanuel K, Charles T, and Nick A (NYC, USA)

What an incredible team!

So incredibly impressed with ALL the porters and guides. They made my summit their single goal. I can’t express how completely thrilled I was with everything and everyone from Kiliwarrior Expeditions. Their level of service blew my mind. The whole team worked so well and seamlessly together.

Of course you see your guides and cook and camp manager but then you start to realize and appreciate the guy who carries the propane or the food or the dishwasher. If anyone is considering a climb DO NOT HESITATE to use Kiliwarrior Expeditions.

I even felt like they made sure we had perfect weather. Finally a personal shout out of gratitude to Shedrack, Felix, Alex, Juma, Adam and Dani. I hope you all are doing well.

Marc and Christian Lopez (Florida, USA)

An Epic Journey

We took the 7 Day Machame Route with Kiliwarriors Expeditions. We had decided on this route only because we had family who had completed the Machame Route before. After hiking we now want to come back to be able to do the Western Breach Route with Kiliwarrior Expeditions.

Our guides included Shedrack Alfred and Ephata Ayoub. They were there 150% of the time to support us and aid us in any way possible so that we would successfully and safely summit! We now consider them as family/friends for life since they shared such an epic journey with us and were there when we got engaged at the top of Uhuru Peak!

A HUGE shoutout to Mama Louis for cooking the best food in Tanzania period! He is very skilled at his craft and such a positive spirit to have during the hike. Also a shoutout to Kanini and Kilongo who went up with us for summit night and to Kilongo who brought up sparkling cider for us to drink and celebrate at Uhuru peak. Kanini is one of the most famous guides on the mountain and we felt extra safe having him summit with us since he has been climbing Kilimanjaro for 20 years.

Of course we also appreciated every single one of the porters and camp team as they played a huge role in getting us up the mountain. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. Boaz, Ernest, Wilbert for sending us off on Day 1, Gerry for organizing the itinerary/schedule and all others were incredible.

We will be recommending Mt. Kilimanjaro and climbing with Kiliwarrior Expeditions to all our friends and family in the future!

Kathryn Stringer and Tom Choy (California, USA)

International Womens Day Climb

“I am going to climb Kilimanjaro in three months.” This is how it started back in November 2018. The tallest free-standing mountain in the world that towers at 5895 meters (19,341 feet).
A mix of surprise, doubt and silence were among people’s reactions. This blondie—too fragile—who feels cold during summer, with zero hiking experience.

Some people said, “She will never make it. She should postpone, try something else.” With the lack of experience and three months’ notice to get ready, they could have been right, but my desire to tackle this challenge was much stronger—maybe a bit of foolishness and pride.

Other people became a real source of motivation and positivity. Whether they adapted their schedule to allow me to go, gave advice on how to prepare, trained with me or wrote letters for the hike, they all started showing an incredible support in their own way.

This would be one of the biggest and hardest adventures in my life. I knew it, but if I wanted to make it, I had to leave doubts, uncertainties and people’s judgments behind me and just go for it!

Click here to read Marie Menard’s full Testimonial
Marie Menard - Process Engineer (Basel, Switzerland)

I can’t believe that our trip of a lifetime is over.

Dear Gerry,

I spent two years planning and preparing for our families’s climb. In my research for a climbing company, Kiliwarriors stood out almost immediately for a number of reasons. I felt that the “all-inclusive” package was perfect for us. We did not have to purchase items, such as sleeping bags and trekking poles, that I knew we would most likely not have much use for in the future. Having personal porters was important for us since none of us has hiking experience and although we are all fit, not having a heavy pack on our backs all day made all the difference in our success. Also, I appreciated that tips were already figured in the price as I knew that the subject would have distracted and made me anxious, even during the climb. Finally, it was important to me that Kiliwarriors is not a fully foreign run company, but that Wilbert, as a Tanzanian, is a co-owner.

The physical comforts on our climb really exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The sleeping bags with the pallets were really comfortable! I slept like a baby in those tents. The toilet tent was easier to use than I imagined and we were all so grateful to have it, even at lunchtime. Pure luxury. The food that we were served also greatly exceeded all of our expectations. We loved the popcorn and hot tea and hot chocolate ready for us in the afternoon after a long hike. The soup each evening before dinner was always delicious…my kids have never eaten so much soup! The fried chicken, fish and grilled cheese and tomatoe sandwiches were a personal favorite. the fact that fruit was served at each meal was impressive. We all ate very well. Also, the one “shower”  that my daughter and I each managed to take (due to weather) on the third day made us feel human again…clean hair!

Finally, our group of porters became so special to us. I don’t want to start naming people because I know I will forget someone. Wilbert of course was just an amazing guide. We met him for the first time at the NYC Travel show the year before and seeing his smiling face at the Kilimanjaro airport airport when he picked us up after an 18 hour flight was just the beginning of our bond with him. He was both warm and professional at the same time. I felt so safe placing my family (husband, 18 year old son, and 22 year old daughter) into his obviously capable hands. The whole group really became so special to us. Seeing their smiling faces each afternoon as we entered our camp and the song and dance greeting gave us the feeling of coming home each day. It was especially moving when we got back down to Barafu after all four of us had successfully summited to the Roof of Africa. I was exhausted from the eight hour climb up and the 2 hour climb down, but seeing all of their faces and hearing their enthusiasitc congratulations made me feel so proud and also lucky that they were they ones who guided us up. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Rand Family (NY, USA)

Our Kili Experience Was Something To Be Cherished For A Lifetime

Good morning, Gerry,

I would like to share a few thoughts this morning, on “the day after”. I don’t really know where to start, as my heart is so full of our Kili-experience that I tend to get emotional just by thinking back. From the very first moment I realised that we are not just “tourists”, but a person, someone with a name.

I have a close friend who did a 5-day hike (with another company) some years ago, and she tried to prepare me as much as possible for what to expect, but you took me by surprise and outperformed my very highest expectations. There are so many things that deserve to be mentioned, but what surprised me the most was definitely the attitude and spirit of the whole team who assisted in going up the mountain. The way in which they were there to help, congratulate, encourage and assist us, left me without words. They are the most sincere people I have ever met. Their sense of responsibility and friendliness were something that really stood out.

Apart from all the above, there are certain things which are really worth mentioning:

1) The fact that there was a personal porter available for each of us to carry our daypacks. Apart from saving energy, we could freely use our cameras and just enjoy a leisurely hike.
2) The fact that there was a hot lunch prepared for us in a tent, made us feel superior compared to other groups.
3) The fact that the toilets were set up at each camp site, even at lunch, meant a lot for (especially) me (trust me on that one….).
4) The welcoming singing and dancing of the crew, the hi-5’s we received after every day’s hike – that is the one thing that still brings tears to my eyes and will for ever be one of the most enjoyable memories.
5) Coffee/tea/wash water etc. at out tents in the morning – who would expect that? First class service!
6) The group leader (Hosea)’s and others’ concern about our health.
7) The showers!! (you are the best)
8) The quality of the meals (I wanted to steal Manuel and bring him back home).
9) The porters. On difficult days, one of them (Edward, who carried my duffel bag) even took off my gaiters and shoes at the tent, tried to clean them the best he could and even put some rocks under my feet so that my socks don’t get dusty. That kind act filled me with appreciation that is difficult to explain to anyone.
10) Every personal porter who walked with us every step of the way, who had a water bottle ready whenever we stopped for a break, who even sometimes told us where to put our feet or with which hand to grab a rock.

I could go on much longer, but I will suffice with this. You have very strong leaders among your staff, and it is good for us to know that you look after your people, you pay them well and is concerned about their health too. We would have loved to give so much more, for it is clear that there are certain needs, but I hope that by telling people about your excellence, we could bring more people to make use of your company. I have no doubt in my mind that you are the best. You made absolutely sure that our Kili-experience was something to be cherished for a lifetime.

Kind regards,

Mariana Arnoldi (Pretoria, South Africa)

The Adventure of a Lifetime

The adventure of a lifetime!

Hands down most experienced expedition team on Mount Kilimanjaro. I would HIGHLY recommend climbing with Kiliwarriors to anyone who wants a fully immersive travel experience like no other.

Links to videos on YouTube:

CLIMBING MOUNT KILIMANJARO | Part I : https://youtu.be/nKhRvoN1UWI
CLIMBING MOUNT KILIMANJARO | Part II : https://youtu.be/XRwrpXf5V6c
CLIMBING MOUNT KILIMANJARO | The Summit : https://youtu.be/QalQMJbpBos

Instagram: @erikconover

Erik Conover (USA)

Our entire trip was incredible due to the flawless execution

My wife and I have been planning an African trip since 2014. Throughout the planning stages (and with some delays on our end), Gerry Analytis (partner) was patient, helpful and didn’t apply any sales pressure. After my independent research, it was abundantly clear that Kiliwarriors Expeditions was the best company for us, not only for climbing Kili, but also for the planning our safari and Zanzibar visit. Our entire trip was incredible due to the flawless execution, attention to detail, nature teachings and tonnes of TLC by Gerry, Wilbert and the entire Kiliwarrior team! We were incredibly lucky to have Wilbert accompany us on the climb and safari as part of Kiliwarriors commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction. They don’t just rely on electronic feedback, they are fully engaged and have “boots on the ground” in every aspect of their business. We left Tanzania with a new family because they made us feel so special and supported us at every turn over our 21 days in Tanzania.

Our recommendations:

1) Don’t be one of the “Walking Dead” that we witnessed on the mountain and who didn’t summit because they thought they could take short cuts and save a dollar.

2) Anyone looking for an incredible, life long experience, just put your trip in the hands of Kiliwarriors Expeditions and you won’t have any misgivings

Tim Dillon and Karen de Lottinville (Ontario, Canada)

I would recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions to family, friends and anyone else considering the Mount Kilimanjaro journey

As I sit back and reflect on my Kilimanjaro experience, it is of utmost importance I recognize the Kiliwarrior Expedition Team. Beginning with the pre-travel emails providing thorough assistance in preparation and packing, to Wilbert and Gerry meeting us at the Kilimanjaro Airport and continuing with the entire team throughout the journey. It was evident the logistics were expertly handled. The team consists of well trained porters, tent managers, chefs, guides and others whom without exception, were professional, courteous and willing to assist in any way possible to make our trip a success. From the Mount Meru Hotel to the transportation, to the meals on the mountain, everything was superb and first class. It is without hesitation, that I would recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions to family, friends and anyone else considering the Mount Kilimanjaro journey.

Dr. Marc Kates (Phoenix Arizona)

Thrilling, Exhilarating, and Emotional

Dear Gerry,

I have 3 words to describe my feelings when I reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro: thrilling, exhilarating, and emotional.  Tears came to my eyes when my fellow climbers hugged and cried.  It was the moment we all realized that we had done it!  After several grueling days, we had successfully climbed to Uhuru Peak.

Truthfully, the climb was very difficult for me.  By day 3 or 4 I wanted to quit, but then I realized that quitting wasn’t an option.  The guides and porters were there to help and encourage you.  If it wasn’t for them, I know I wouldn’t have been successful.  There were a couple of reasons why I felt that I would not be able to reach the top.

1) I went 4 days in a row without getting any sleep.

2) On day 4, I was nauseous all day and night, and I didn’t think I would be able to hike the next day.  I decided to stop taking the diamox, but other people had been nauseous, and they continued taking the medication.  So, I decided to start taking it again the next day.  The nausea eventually went away.  We all continued climbing….pole, pole.   Thankfully, the slow climbing pace was what made the climb a success.

I encountered a few misfortunes on this trip:

1) There was no one to pick me up at the airport when I arrived in Tanzania.

2) One night, the wind blew so hard that the toilet blew over.  This happened at the exact time I needed to use it.  I was experiencing diarrhea and needed to use it right away.  The crew was able to get it upright in the tent again, but I had to use it before they could clean it up.  I realize that there was nothing they could have done about this at the time, but it was a very unpleasant experience.

3) The same night as the toilet incident, some of the stakes holding down my tent were blown loose and my tent started to blow over.  I immediately crawled out of my sleeping bag and tried to hold down 2 corners.  I was really afraid the entire tent would blow over against the rocks with me trapped inside.  The only thing I could do was scream and hope someone heard me.  This went on for about 10 minutes before a fellow climber heard my screams.  He started screaming too, and finally the crew came and secured my tent.

4) I think the high altitude was one of the reasons I had a hard time sleeping.  Every time I got close to falling asleep, I felt like I couldn’t breath, and was jolted into taking a deep breath.  It was a very strange and scary feeling.  Also, during the climb, I was breathing so hard that I thought my heart would explode.  It was like this during the entire climb.

Of course, I am thrilled that I reached the top, but if I had known how hard this was going to be, I would not have signed up for the trip.  Actually, I’m kind of glad I didn’t know how hard it would be, because in the end, perseverance prevailed.  I succeeded, and I’m proud of that.  Wilbert, the crew, and my fellow climbers were all wonderful.  We truly enjoyed each other’s company.  I have some good memories and stories to tell my friends and relatives.

Best wishes,

Kathleen Hadden (Massachusetts, USA)

We Will Treasure These Memories For a Lifetime

Dear Gerry,

From the very moment that Wilbert picked us up at the airport to the very last minute he dropped us of again our whole experience was one of wonder and awe.

We were treated as treasured guests and the treatment only got better as the week progressed. We can not say enough about the leadership of Hosea – he knew exactly that I (Louize or Mamma Benny) will need his help and expertise and made sure to keep me close to his side. I will always remember how he took my hand and guided me over the rocks on the Western Breach. It would not be fair to the very strong men who carried those bags for miles with a smile to single any one out but our personal porters Julius and Ezekiel was there for us every step of the way.

The porters were always friendly, helpful and went above and beyond of what was expected. We will always remember how they removed our boots when we could not! Mealtimes were a feast and we joked around how our appetites never waned as we were warned it might happen, I think even Kanini was surprised by our healthy appetites.

To show our appreciation our group added an additional donation to the team. We are hoping it would benefit those whose names we don’t even know but they surely knew to care for us and cheer us on.

We thank you and your amazing team for the memorable experience we had, hearing your teenagers say that this was the best time of their lives, is priceless. We will treasure the memories for a lifetime.

We could not have asked for a better company to fulfill our dream of climbing to the top of Africa.


Hannes, Louize, Berin and Bennett Brand (Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada)

A Truly Wonderful Experience

To Gerry, Wilbert and the entire Kiliwarriors Team

We want to thank you for making the entire trip a truly wonderful experience. Hosea, Shedrack, Efatha, Henry, Louis, Kanini and the team were attentive to our every need with their extensive knowledge and professionalism. This was a trip that we will never forget and friendships that we will treasure.

Angela Tsafaras (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

We heartily recommend Kiliwarriors

My wife Koel and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in December 2013 along the Lemosho – Western Breach route. After a successful 9 day trek, we spent 6 days in Ndutu on a spectacular safari. Our exclusive, 16-day Tanzania tour was wonderfully managed by KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS. Gerry was prompt and comprehensive with all the answers during the initial enquiry and booking stage and the climb was unbelievably well-organised.

On the mountain the 20-member KILIWARRIOR team,  ably led by Wilbert & Hosea, was helpful, professional and enthusiastic. This enabled just the right mix between our safety, comfort and well-being on the one hand, and the thrill and adventure of climbing the Western Breach, on other hand.  Hosea was exceptional and, supported ably by Shedrack and Juma, he helped us reach Uhuru Peak and get down safely; Kanini, Louis and team helped tremendously with solid support at the camps and in ensuring unexpectedly wholesome and good quality food right through. My wife is certain that without Hosea’s help and expertise she would not have made it to the top!

Wilbert accompanied us during the Ndutu extension  and helped facilitate a superb safari – Nasikia mobile camp was well-located and the dedicated car was in excellent condition. Both Simon (first two days) and George (next four days) proved to be very competent driver-cum-guides and ensured we had great sightings of various wildlife species and behaviour, including, remarkably, two actual ‘kills’ – lions taking down a zebra and a mother cheetah bringing down a wildebeest!

As an award-winning photographer and travel-writer I had several specific requirements in terms of my lenses, tripod, charging batteries on the mountain, full day game drives etc. and I was happy to see that all my exacting requirements were catered to by the KILIWARRIOR team both during the climb and safari. This helped me create lots of high quality images during the trip.  While my previous trip to Africa had resulted in recognition of my images at numerous international photographic salons and more than a dozen publications, I am sure this Tanzania tour would lead to even more exciting articles and pictures.

In conclusion, my wife and I would like to thank each and every member of the KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS team. We would heartily recommend them as excellent outfitters for anyone planning a climb to the top of Africa and / or going on a Tanzanian safari

Amartya and Koel Mukherjee (India)

We had an absolutely fantastic trek

My husband and I had an absolutely fantastic trek with Kiliwarrior Expeditions to the top of Kilimanjaro. They customized our entire 9 day trip and helped assure all of our hard preparation work was fully rewarded when we reached our goal of Uhuru!

This was by far the most physically demanding and emotionally rewarding thing we have ever done!

Kiliwarrior Expeditions came highly recommended to us by 2 friends who had taken separate treks with them. We agree that this is an exceptionally well handled Tanzanian company. The whole team was excellent and made our trek particularly memorable and fun with the enthusiastic singing and greetings by the team on several occasions. Other groups had greetings – but none were as frequent or as resonant as our Kiliwarror Team!

Susanne and Steve Leininger (Colorado, USA)

The Greatest Adventure I Have Ever Experienced

Thank you very much Kiliwarriors for guiding me on the greatest adventure that I have ever experienced!

Trekking the Lemosho Barafu Crater Route gave me the opportunity to view the stunning gifts that nature could provide to the eyes. Whether it was the early morning sun, sharing the sky with the moon, the clouds dancing in the sky “below”, or the stars reaching down from the midnight sky. The every day sights gave me great reasons to be thankful that I am alive.

I am to this day very impressed with the preparation and professionalism of the Kiliwarrior team. I always felt as though my only daily responsibility was to enjoy the challenge of the trek as well as the beauty of nature, and the Kiliwarrior Team had all else under control. I was inspired each morning by the motivational chants that were performed by the Kiliwarriors before setting off on the day’s trek. I was well nourished by the food provisions. I was also pleased with the sleeping accommodations. I have highly recommended the Kiliwarrior experience to everyone that has mentioned that they are interested in trekking Kilimanjaro.

Trekking the Lemosho Barafu Crater Route with the Kiliwarrior Team had me returning to my home country a different man than when I left.

The trip of a life time. Boombayay Boomba!

Kevin Jackson (Virginia, USA)

We Just Had The Most Fabulous Trip, Thank You!

Dear Gerry,

Thank you for coordinating such a complexe and enjoyable adventure. Your team in Tanzania is very impressive. Hosea was very reassuring, comprehensive, and professional.

We were brought to the Machame Gate to meet the mountain crew and Kanini made that a very special and fun bonding experience. Throughout the climb we were impressed with all the people on the team, from the water person, to the night watchman, and the people in charge of our tent. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed we were with Hosea’s leadership. He was always there to answer our questions and put us at ease. Ephata and Shedrack were equally competent, guiding us on our daily treks and daily briefs. They offered seemless advice and direction throughout the trip. Kanini and Emmanuel made our meals and time at camp very enjoyable. We woke to morning tea and were put to bed with hot water bottles.

They really outdid themselves to make us comfortable, and serve us elegant and delicious meals. Our personal porters made sure we always had what we needed during our hikes. They really worked hard and made sure we were safe. When we put on our gear, there was always someone to help us put on the gaiters or adjust our equipment. Sometimes it was the guide or any of the other crew members. They are also highly appreciative of how you are managing the Kiliwarriors and are treating it’s employees.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience and we will never forget the Kiliwarrior Team!

With sincere gratitude,

Jambo, Wilbert, Hosea and the whole team!

After climbing via the Western Breach with you in February 2012, I know no outfitter provides a better, more enjoyable and meaningful experience on the mountain than Kiliwarriors.

Jambo! I can’t say enough to recommend Wilbert, Hosea, and the entire team – surely no outfitter provides a better, more enjoyable, meaningful and safe time on Kilimanjaro than Kiliwarriors. The biggest surprise of our Western Breach trek in February 2012 was how much the people who made our climb possible (including all the support staff!) impacted our overall experience. From the energizing singing/dancing reception (a most welcome surprise!), constant encouragement and personalized care to the expertise demonstrated and knowledge shared, the guides and porters created a warm ambiance on the trail and in camp.

Everything else about the operation is also quality: the food, proper clothing and sheltering of the team, preparation for emergencie – in equipment and response. I can’t imagine climbing Kili with anyone else – and look forward to enjoying a safari with Kiliwarriors as well. Asante sana to all, and best for continued success.

Lesli Ross (Florida, USA)

The Western-Breach was definitely the way to go!

I climbed the Western Breach with Wilbert and the rest of the Kiliwarriors in June 2009. From the start of our journey at Londorossi Gate, to our summiting and our night sleeping in the crater, and back down again, the whole team of selfless porters, cooks, and guides (18 crew in total for 3 climbers!) made the experience the trip of a lifetime.

My most lasting memories of the climb are the porters dancing, playing cards (a local Tanzanian game of course) with the guides and porters, the amazing fresh food, playing frisbee at Sheffield Camp, and of course most of all the great company and stellar views.

The Western Breach route was definitely the way to go since after Day 2 we had the whole side of the mountain to ourselves! And the Kiliwarriors climb itinerary, with a rest day, gave us the best chance at reaching our goal of climbing Kili – which all three of us did.

David Clement (Vancouver, Canada)

I thoroughly enjoyed my trek with Kiliwarriors

I take this opportunity to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my trek with Killiwarriors, It was a dream of mine to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and I was lucky enough to have done it with the Kiliwarriors.

From the very outset, the professional and helpful nature was evident, I was treated with respect and was relieved to find out that it was a top class outfit I would be climbing with not just some shoddy operator out for a quick dollar,the care that was taken to ensure I had all the right climbing gear and apparel was indeed appreciated, but the best was to come on the mountain, as i experienced such a high degree of mateship and friendship with the porters and cooks and our wonderful guides.

It was by far the best holiday I have experienced and I have travelled far and wide around the globe, but in all honesty I was very pleased with the service that the Kiliwarriors provided and the genuine family feeling during the climb, I don’t know that I would have achieved the summit had it not been for the assistance and professional conduct of all concerned.

I would like to thank all of those involved and would indeed without hesitation, recommend the Kiliwarriors to anyone that is considering climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

David J Sutton (Sydney, Australia)

One of the greatest 9 days of my life

Climbing the Western Breach with Kiliwarriors was one of the greatest 9 days of my life. From the beginning of our experience (researching guide companies) through summit day, they answered all of our questions, cared for our well-being and safety and helped us to understand the beauty and magic of the mountain.

The food was delicious, the porters were valued and well provided for, and they practiced ecology on the mountain. As a group of 8 climbers, we were able to get to know our guides and porters, learn from them, and trust the experience that they brought to us. Their singing, dancing and cheering us on as we made it to camp each day was an added bonus!

Wilbert Mollel has assembled an incredible team and provides the highest quality experience on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Asante Sana

Joy Rikala (USA)

Hello Wilbert and Gerry!

My climb of Mount Kilimanjaro was an unforgettable experience thanks to Wilbert Mollel, our head guide and the whole Kiliwarrior team. Imagine my surprise when I woke up on day 2 to find 22 porters and guides preparing things, singing and dancing for us. All of them helped to make our climb a pleasure.

Highly professional, Wilbert managed the climb with perfect timing so that I suffered very few effects of high altitude, no headaches, digestive problems or the like.

The team monitored our ingestion of water and food urging us to keep drinking water. The food was fresh and delicious, sparking our appetite when it flagged. When the going got difficult near the end, Wilbert was there to help us up the Breach.

Our heart rates and oxygen levels were checked daily. Why, with 22 guides and porters I felt like the Queen of England!

Stephanie Lawton (Vancouver, Canada)

We had an amazing trip with the entire Kiliwarrior experience.

We had an amazing trip with the entire Kiliwarrior experience. From the early preparation discussions, through the pick up and packing and up to the top of the mountain, no details were left unaddressed. The local team, led by Wilbert, knew every inch of the mountain and helped us through very challenging conditions. I would highly recommend that anyone considering climbing Kilimanjaro or heading out for one of the safaris talk to the Kiliwarrior group. You will not be disappointed. It is the trip of a lifetime and you want to make sure that you have the best support throughout.

Derek Kahn (GA, USA)

We just returned from a two week trip with Kiliwarriors

We just returned from a two week trip with Kiliwarriors consisting of the Western Breach climb and the safari. What is already a “bucket list” trip was made all the more memorable and special because of the Kiliwarrior team. Our guides, Hosea, Efatha, Elijah, and the rest of the team were absolutely incredible: not only did they make sure we were comfortable and safe, but they also treated us like family (we learned early on that dada and kaka are Swahili for sister and brother respectively) and we formed a special bond with them during what was a fun but sometimes challenging adventure. Additionally, while camping for 8 days is not easy, the team did outdid themselves to make sure we were comfortable – they handled everything (setting up the tents, carrying our gear, bringing us hot water to wash in, etc.) so that we could focus on the climb itself. Not to mention the wonderful meals by Luis and team – we had expected basic food but they went out of their way to make creative, delicious meals with fresh fruit/veg and meat every single day.
As avid hikers living in Colorado, we were thankful that we chose the Western Breach. Not only was the trail up less busy and more scenic, the Western Breach was an unforgettable experience in itself and made the summit that much sweeter.
The safari was also wonderful – our driver, George, was knowledgeable, flexible, and had a real eye for spotting wildlife. If you can swing it, I’d recommend staying at Kubu Kubu over Kati Kati – although Kati Kati was great, it wasnt close to the comfort/luxury Kubu Kubu offers. It was a perfect way to end our trip.
I would highly recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions!

Deidre Cannell (CO, USA)

It truly was one of the best and most amazing experiences of my lifetime

Dear Gerry,

When I decided I wanted to go to Africa to celebrate my 50th birthday, my husband said we had to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. I agreed, tentatively. Then a friend told me about Kiliwarriors. Upon learning what they had to offer, especially personal porters and showers (what girl could go more then a few days without washing hair?), the prospect became more attractive and I was able to look forward to the experience. The reality far surpassed any expectation and then some. It truly was one of the best and most amazing experiences of my lifetime.

The team (we had 30 to support us 4) was so friendly and so supportive. I do not want to name names as I know I will miss someone. Everyone was important and appreciated and we could not have succeeded without all of them. Their guidance (polepole) and encouragement never left any doubt we would make it to the top. Everyone made the experience special and enjoyable. Yes, there are several individuals we interacted with closely and daily and they will always be remembered as dear friends. The food was delicious and exactly as needed each step of the way. Hot tea in bed in the morning and hair washing made it that much more comfortable. Porters made it easy. They carried all supplies, including all of our stuff (clothing, sleeping bags, tents, and day packs) and had it all set up for us upon our arrival, with everyone smiling, welcoming and high fiving us at every camp. And following the carefully and slowly placed footsteps of our leaders up the mountain made it possible.

We saw others on the mountain who did not succeed. I suspect in many cases they went up too fast. The slower, overall 9 day, approach to climbing Kili, I believe, guaranteed our success. We did several smaller steps up the mountain, as well as some climb high and sleep low days. We also did use altitude drugs and this probably helped. Not one of us 4 (age range 50-70) felt ill at any stage and we all summited strong and feeling great. Also of note, a great thing about Kiliwarriors was, unlike most of the other companies, on the night before summit, we sleep at high Barafu (aka Kosovo) which allowed more acclimation – especially as we again hiked high and slept low – then those who sleep down at Barafu. Of further note was the fact the Barafu camp people leave at midnight and, in my opinion, have a horrible climb between Barafu and Kosovo in the middle of a dark and cold night. We departed at 5 am, heading up terrain we had hiked the afternoon before, and experienced a brilliant sunrise very early in to our climb and were able to enjoy our summit experience in the light and warmth of the sun. Definitely a more enjoyable approach.

Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the best experiences of my life, and this was entirely because of Kiliwarriors and the people I climbed with – friends old and new.  I also speak for my husband and friends and say we will all be forever grateful to have used this company to help us fulfill this goal in the most comfortable and supportive manner possible.

After the climb, Kiliwarriors then took us on a 4.5 day safari through Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater, and the Serengeti. This was a dream come true for me. Our eagle-eyed and knowledgeable guides were able to locate every type animal possible, especially the cats! The accommodation was beautiful, comfortable and unique. Food was delicious. A perfect adventure and follow-up to Kili and I highly recommend this not be missed.

Asante sana Kiliwarriors!
You are the best!

Vicki Whyte & Alun Cooksley (Alberta, Canada)

Greetings from two VERY happy campers!

Hi Gerry

Our trip to the top of Kilimanjaro was sensational.  The food, attention to details, focus on safety and comforts exceeded our expectations.  And we cannot say enough good things about Hosea and his team.  He is a truly outstanding leader—it was a thrill to watch him in action, and to see the group working together like a well-oiled machine.  The cook, Louis, took such pains to handle my gluten restriction—I was touched and deeply appreciative of that.  And the entire group of guides, porters, and cooks were a constant source of support and encouragement.

Dave and I feel like we went with appropriate expectations about the degree of comfort we were likely to encounter on the trip—and had those expectations exceeded time after time—from the morning coffee delivered hot to our tent to the hot water bottles at night to take the chill off our sleeping bags!   We also fully expected a high degree of challenge and cold, both of which we felt well prepared to withstand.  Dave and I felt wonderfully strong at the summit, and enjoyed every minute of the climb up.  As we expected, the climb down was actually harder—in part because we did so quickly—but we made it still smiling and happy.

Kiliwarriors Expeditions is a fabulous franchise and deserves to enjoy a long life in this tough business.

With deepest thanks for a spectacular life experience,

Janet and Dave Offensend (MA, USA)

Congratulations on an outstanding team at Kiliwarriors!

The top priority of all of the 50+ porters, guides, chefs was the comfort and well-being of the hikers.  Each went out of his way to see to our needs and desires in the kindest and sometimes most humorous way possible.

Hosea is a formidable leader.  He is personable, tireless,  firm, fair, concerned….. if anything, a bit too humble. He has a really big job, and he is a really big man.

I was one of the weakest links….my pacemaker was not well calibrated to exertion beyond 15-16,000 feet.  My cardiologist warned this might be the case, but encouraged me to try….and I am so glad I did.  Hosea was wise to give me the choice between forging ahead to Barafu or going to lower altitude ( which I chose).  Felix was a careful and considerate guide, and I am very grateful for his kindness and that of the other team which accompanied me.

I tell my friends that this trip was a bit of “glamping!”  Whoever heard of chairs or hot water bottles or camp toilets on a 9 day wilderness trip?  Showers?  An impossible luxury!

Thank you, thank you for a memorable and positive adventure.  A once in a lifetime challenge undertaken in complete luxury.

Priscilla Newbury (NY, USA)

I recommend using the Kiliwarrior Expeditions team for your Summit

If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro, I recommend using the Kiliwarrior Expeditions team for your Summit. I had the pleasure of traveling with them September 2018 and they took care of us as if we were part of their family from the first day of our arrival ~ our lead guide, Shedrack, was at the airport to greet us and make sure we got settled into our hotel on arrival day. On the climb, our 3 wonderful guides, Shedrack, Nsagi and Felix, kept checking in with each of us to make sure we were ok, were keeping hydrated, eating enough and sleeping enough to be successful during our long climb. Most importantly, they maintained a positive attitude and kept us motivated for the mental challenges of the climb. Every detail of the trip was well planned and handled in a professional manner, with plenty of fun along the way as well. I believe that I was able to achieve the Summit because of the fantastic support of the Kiliwarriors team.

Karen Brombaugh (NC, USA)


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