I’m Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now.  Our journey to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro with the Kiliwarriors. A strong name for a brave group of men who carry 20kg loads, tents, and supplies along the journey. Kiliwarrior Expeditions offer a premium Kili experience with all of the extra trimmings that made this trip one of the most luxurious camping experiences of my life.

In this guide to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach, it will be split into two sections. First I will share with you my photos and journal from each day of the trek. In the second section, I will brief you on everything you need to know about Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro including what to pack, costs, alternate routes, the best time of year to climb, and where to stay in Arusha before your climb.

Kilelema means ‘that which is difficult or impossible’ and the translation of Njaro means ‘bird’. History tells us when local tribes looked up at the mountain we know now as Kilimanjaro, they saw it as a perilous peak too difficult to reach, even for birds.

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