Trekking Routes

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Our years of experience have taught us that these routes offer you the best combination of adventure, scenery and success.

The 9-day routes allow us the time to properly acclimatize, thus increasing our chances of summiting. They also allow us to bypass the crowds that tend to climb on the most popular routes (Rongai, Marangu and Machame routes). Our trekkers will be able to climb in relative peace and quiet and at a leisurely pace (pole pole). This allows our head guides to better interact with our trekkers during the entire trip.

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Only a few outfitters offer this route, due to the expertise required of the head guides and porters, which means we won’t be climbing with crowds and you can spend more time interacting with our team of guides and enjoying the climb. Also, the 9 days of this route give you plenty of time to acclimatize, which increases your chances of summiting.

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Popular route. We begin on the western side of the mountain, while we cross through the Shira Plateau. We climb high and sleep low, in order to properly acclimatize to increase your chance of summiting.

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This route begins on the southern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Machame is a popular route well-known for its incredible scenery. As a result, it is also the route with the most traffic.