Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and doing a safari with Kiliwarriors were experiences of a lifetime!
They took the best care of us from initially planning the trip, providing a gear list (definitely make sure you have everything on it!), picking us up and dropping us off, coordinating a COVID test, and getting us up and down the mountain safely. Everybody along the way was so kind and friendly.
Our head guides were Shedrak and Efatha. They are both so knowledgeable, encouraging, and ensured we were hiking within our abilities and having fun. Their friendly demeanors made me feel welcome right from the beginning! Mama Luis was everything I could have hoped for in a chef – he took such pride in keeping us strong and healthy for the trek, and I wish he had a cookbook so I could make the same meals at home!
It truly takes a village to get anybody up Kilimanjaro. For a group of 3 of us climbers, we had 25 porters. They are the true MVPs, quickly hiking up the mountain and having everything set up by the time we made it to camp. We even had a toilet tent, in addition to the comfort of foam pads and a pillow to sleep on. They are also such happy people, and were like family to each other, and with how welcoming they were, I felt like a part of it too!
Summit day of the climb was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I have Kiliwarriors to thank for making it such a positive experience.
Our safari was led by Jonas. He has, what seemed like, an encyclopedic knowledge of all the animals. We saw SO many animals, and even lucked out seeing an endangered black rhino. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a nicer camera, but Jonas was so kind to send us the photos he took. The accommodations were breathtaking.
I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly for this incredible adventure than Kiliwarrior Expeditions!