The thought of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro had become something of an obsession over the last two years. I think I watched every YouTube video and read every scrap of information that I could about it. When I talked it over with my wife I knew that we would need to find the best possible guides to help us on our way. Kiliwarriors met and exceeded every expectation I had. I cannot overstate their incredible professionalism, courtesy, and most importantly their humanity. Its obvious that this is more than just a job for them. Their passion and concern for their clients is obvious. The food they prepare and serve each day is gourmet and far beyond anything you could imagine enjoying on the side of a mountain. Each meal is prepared by “mama” Louis (Chef), and served by the legendary Kanini (Camp Manager) both of whom overflow with pride at their work. The guides are experts at not only knowing the mountain, but also at knowing people and how to help each client meet their specific goals safely and efficiently. I will always fondly remember each member of the team for all of the warmth and support they showed the entire journey. In the end I can say that while I came for the mountain I ultimately found so much more in the people. We also took advantage of our time in country to go on safari with Kiliwarriors. What a joy! George our guide/driver was an inexhaustible source of enthusiasm for his country, culture, and every description of animal. His sharp eyes would ferret out even small mice in the bushes and he could then go on at great length about their numbers and diets. During my early planning I examined several companies in an effort to find the right fit. while I am sure there are other reputable and worthy companies out there, Kiliwarriors more than earned my enthusiastic support and business. At every turn they were there for us and I know that they will continue to act as such with all of their clients.