I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on July 3rd, 2023 with Kiliwarrior Expeditions. From arriving into Tanzania to leaving, the entire Kiliwarrior team went above and beyond what I expected.

From learning about their traditions, the mountain, singing and dancing to their songs – they taught me so much about their amazing culture.

The food – OMG, the food was top notch. The love and care the entire team put into making sure that we were well fed and had enough energy to hike up the mountain was amazing.

The guides were full of life and personality. From answering our questions about the local wildlife, the flowers and their experiences on Kilimanjaro, to even playing cards and games with us in the tent.

My only regret was not booking a Safari as well when I was in Tanzania, but that’s something I’ll do in the next few years and will book that through Kiliwarriors as well.