Wilbert, Gerry, Hosea, Shedrack, Kinini, Louis and many others…

Thank you for the most extraordinary experience. We honestly had some reservations about whether it was sensible/responsible for us to climb in September 2020 considering the global COVID-19 situation, but we are so happy that we did. Tanzania with few tourists isn’t something that you really consider until you get there and you have the mountain to yourself.

I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2015 with Kiliwarriors. Hosea and Shedrack (our lead and assistant guides) were both porters on my first climb — it was great to see them again and gratifying to be able to give them much needed work during this dark time.

As many others have attested and my repeat business shows, these guys know the mountain and know how to make it comfortable and enjoyable. Beyond that, though, they are just incredible people. Trust them. They will get you to the top.

Asante sana