We just returned from a two week trip with Kiliwarriors consisting of the Western Breach climb and the safari. What is already a “bucket list” trip was made all the more memorable and special because of the Kiliwarrior team. Our guides, Hosea, Efatha, Elijah, and the rest of the team were absolutely incredible: not only did they make sure we were comfortable and safe, but they also treated us like family (we learned early on that dada and kaka are Swahili for sister and brother respectively) and we formed a special bond with them during what was a fun but sometimes challenging adventure. Additionally, while camping for 8 days is not easy, the team did outdid themselves to make sure we were comfortable – they handled everything (setting up the tents, carrying our gear, bringing us hot water to wash in, etc.) so that we could focus on the climb itself. Not to mention the wonderful meals by Luis and team – we had expected basic food but they went out of their way to make creative, delicious meals with fresh fruit/veg and meat every single day.
As avid hikers living in Colorado, we were thankful that we chose the Western Breach. Not only was the trail up less busy and more scenic, the Western Breach was an unforgettable experience in itself and made the summit that much sweeter.
The safari was also wonderful – our driver, George, was knowledgeable, flexible, and had a real eye for spotting wildlife. If you can swing it, I’d recommend staying at Kubu Kubu over Kati Kati – although Kati Kati was great, it wasnt close to the comfort/luxury Kubu Kubu offers. It was a perfect way to end our trip.
I would highly recommend Kiliwarrior Expeditions!