Noah has written a blog post about his experience with us climbing via the Western-Breach.

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“First of all there are countless companies nearing in the hundreds to thousands that offer a variety of routes with varying days on the mountain for each. However, there is no doubt that the longer that any one person spends on the mountain acclimating to the altitude the higher the success rate. With Kiliwarrior Expeditions they offer a 9 day climb from the Lemosho Gate via the Western-Breach, and the year 2019 they are boasting a 99% success rate for getting clients to the top. If you are a first time climber who is not accustomed to higher altitudes or don’t know your ability on a trek like this, then I’d say there should really be no question. Choose the 9 day route with Kiliwarrior Expeditions. Imagine spending a few thousand dollars on a budget company then spending money on flights, a hotel, taking time off of work, and then don’t make it to the summit because the budget company was rushing you to the summit before you could properly acclimatize to the altitude. This is why I say there should be no questions on what company to choose if hiking at a high altitude is not something you’re accustomed to. “