Thank you very much Kiliwarriors for guiding me on the greatest adventure that I have ever experienced!

Trekking the Lemosho Barafu Crater Route gave me the opportunity to view the stunning gifts that nature could provide to the eyes. Whether it was the early morning sun, sharing the sky with the moon, the clouds dancing in the sky “below”, or the stars reaching down from the midnight sky. The every day sights gave me great reasons to be thankful that I am alive.

I am to this day very impressed with the preparation and professionalism of the Kiliwarrior team. I always felt as though my only daily responsibility was to enjoy the challenge of the trek as well as the beauty of nature, and the Kiliwarrior Team had all else under control. I was inspired each morning by the motivational chants that were performed by the Kiliwarriors before setting off on the day’s trek. I was well nourished by the food provisions. I was also pleased with the sleeping accommodations. I have highly recommended the Kiliwarrior experience to everyone that has mentioned that they are interested in trekking Kilimanjaro.

Trekking the Lemosho Barafu Crater Route with the Kiliwarrior Team had me returning to my home country a different man than when I left.

The trip of a life time. Boombayay Boomba!