‘Summiting Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Western-Breach route was the hardest thing my wife and I have EVER done. It is also our most exhilarating and noteworthy achievement, BUT… the real hero’s are our Kiliwarrior support team. Nine climbers, SIXTY in the support team including guides, a chef, cooks, cleaners, porters… everyone carries. Every drop of water for our showers, to flush the portaloo, the portaloo itself, the shower & loo cubicles, the sleeping tents, mattresses, pillows, our 15kg kit bags with our sleeping bags & personal items, mess tents, tables, chairs, pots & pans, solar lights, all the food, fragile eggs & squashable bread, emergency equipment including oxygen, is carried up hectic, rocky, unstable slopes. Each day, AFTER we leave camp, they dissemble and load themselves like mules. Throughout the day, in groups, they pass us: “Porters on the left” becomes a song that dominos down our line of hikers so that we can step out of the way so as not to break their rhythm. By the time we arrive at our next camp, everything is already perfectly set up AND… believe it or not, this cheerful team backtrack to meet us. They relieve us of our backpacks and carry them the last bit of the way to camp. They offer to remove our boots and bring us a bowl of warm water to wash with. They serve us & care for us. They encourage us with their chants of “sawa sawa” (okay okay) and “pole pole” (slowly slowly). They help us with our footholds when the slope is tricky and unstable. They position our feet when our hands are gripping tightly to rocks above our heads and we daren’t look down. What amazing people! THANK YOU KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS… we could not have done this without you. You humble us!!!”