KiliWarrior Management,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation of the experience we had with your company “KiliWarrior Expeditions” on our recent tour of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. From the moment we arrived, your staff made us feel value and caring for our needs. The hotel was outstanding and in a great location, and the food was excellent. The day before our trip, your staff was on time and explained what we will expect before the climbing, and it gave us the opportunity to meet the rest of the group. The camp manager and assistant manager and 2 assistant were outstanding in explaining the days event and how long it would take to reach each campsite daily, their pace setting was outstanding. They would check our oxygen level and heart rate to ensure we were okay to trek the next day. The 46 porters were outstanding from the chef and his staff providing hot meals daily snacks, or hot water at our request, they truly went above and beyond the call of duties and responsibilities. The team worked really well together, ensuring that our camp was ready for us by the time we arrived at the site. The surprise anniversary cake and champagne were truly a shock and unexpected. The experience will never be forgotten as we celebrate our anniversary at over 14,000 feet. Again can’t say enough about how wonderful and professional your staff was in helping us reach our goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

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