There are so many options that you can choose from when you plan your Kilimanjaro journey. There’s only one group that will make you feel like family. That’s the KiliWarriors. From the moment that I landed in Tanzania, I was greeted by members of their team. They provided insight into what the next week would be like and took me and my climbing mates to our wonderful accommodations. We were the envy of many on the mountain. We had some of the best equipment and best food. No packed lunches. Everything was cooked fresh. We had constant health checks throughout the day. From the moment that we woke up and until we went to sleep. The guides and porters became family to us pretty quickly. Providing encouragement every step of the way. I truly believe in my heart that I would not have been able to summit if it weren’t for the guidance and support of the KiliWarrior team. I think about my time on the mountain often and all of the great memories and life long friends that I met. Don’t look elsewhere. Kiliwarrior expeditions is the way to go. Proud Honorary member of the Kiliwarrior team. Summit reached June 2022 – Lemosho Western Breach.