Dear Gerry,

Thank you for coordinating such a complexe and enjoyable adventure. Your team in Tanzania is very impressive. Hosea was very reassuring, comprehensive, and professional.

We were brought to the Machame Gate to meet the mountain crew and Kanini made that a very special and fun bonding experience. Throughout the climb we were impressed with all the people on the team, from the water person, to the night watchman, and the people in charge of our tent. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed we were with Hosea’s leadership. He was always there to answer our questions and put us at ease. Ephata and Shedrack were equally competent, guiding us on our daily treks and daily briefs. They offered seemless advice and direction throughout the trip. Kanini and Emmanuel made our meals and time at camp very enjoyable. We woke to morning tea and were put to bed with hot water bottles.

They really outdid themselves to make us comfortable, and serve us elegant and delicious meals. Our personal porters made sure we always had what we needed during our hikes. They really worked hard and made sure we were safe. When we put on our gear, there was always someone to help us put on the gaiters or adjust our equipment. Sometimes it was the guide or any of the other crew members. They are also highly appreciative of how you are managing the Kiliwarriors and are treating it’s employees.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience and we will never forget the Kiliwarrior Team!

With sincere gratitude,