The 9-day Western Breach Lemosho route with Kiliwarriors was THE most epic experience of my life! And, reaching the summit was not even the highlight! The Kiliwarrior crew has an innate ability to connect with their clients! From first communications with Tom in organizing the trip to all the personal touches provided by each guide, cook, and porter…I’m simply in awe and would love to climb again just to spend time with the crew of 60 that brought us up Kilimanjaro! Oh, my birthday at 15000ft (Lava Tower Camp) with a beautiful cake, non-alcoholic bubbly, singing and dancing…best time of my life!
The guides were all fun, kind, knowledgeable, competent, and kept us safe. If I needed/wanted ANYTHING, they did their best to provide it. They made me feel like family!
Food was good and plentiful! Coffee/tea brought to my tent each morning before breakfast. Popcorn & candy bars were great snacks! One climber in my group could not consume dairy and the cook made special food for her at each meal.

One particular day I had some neck pain (pre-existing) and I struggled to carry my backpack. Efatha, one of the guides, wanted me to hand off my pack to a porter but my pride wouldn’t let me. So, Efatha and another guide took all the contents out of my pack, stuffed it in their own packs, and handed me my empty backpack and said “there, you still have your pack!” They were ALL so thoughtful and sweet!

Worth every penny and then some!