Recently graduating college, it was the first major decision in my life that I independently made without anyone else’s input. When I first decided I was going, family & close friends told me I was crazy, constantly bringing up concern after concern during my prep.
From my first call with Tom- I knew I was in good hands. I knew this company was the real deal with how passionate Tom was on the phone. I had seen videos, photos, and testimonials but nothing was as convincing as hearing Tom talk about the team at Kiliwarriors. Instantly, I was hooked.
From the moment I got there, Kiliwarriors took care of everything. When I arrived, my luggage was a few days behind. During our first prep meeting, Wilbert & the other guides assured me everything would be fine & that the worst case was that Wilbert would give me all his gear! Talk about selflessness.
The only thing I had to worry about the entire trek was putting one foot in front of the other. The team at Kiliwarriors is filled with the most exceptional & inspiring people I have ever met. These guys are the happiest, grounded, and mentally tough individuals I have ever come across.
If you are sitting there right now contemplating whether or not you should do it- this is your sign – DO IT. CLIMB KILIMANJARO WITH KILIWARRIORS!