Is “5 star service” at 19,000 feet possible? Emphatically YES, and KiliWarrior Expeditions (or KiliWarriors) delivers! From my initial contact with Tom and Gerry, the Montreal-based manager and partner through to my final departure from Kilimanjaro International Airport, Kiliwarriors was there with me, every step.
A friend and I decided to do the Lemosho Western Breach route, which is a longer, specialized route that few operators even offer because it requires special skills on the part of the guides and porters to get you safely to the summit.

I opted for a personal porter to carry my day pack as I anticipated having a bit more trouble, and am glad I did. My porter was one of the first people I saw in the morning and the last I saw at night. In addition to carrying his pack and my day pack, he was able to assist me through tricky terrain. And this is one of the reasons I call their service “5 stars”. At no time are you “rushed” to keep up with a group. Instead, you move at YOUR pace, and one of the assistant guides and porters will stay with you. They will show you exact foot placement if needed. Additionally, as you’re trekking along, it’s not a “dreary silent slog” up the mountain. They share information and experiences about their own culture and tribes (there are over 120 tribes in Tanzania, the major ones in the Kilimanjaro area are Masai and Chagga). They’re also incredibly knowledgeable about the unique fauna and flora on the mountain, as well as the geologic history. The days rate beautiful and fascinating. This really helps make the trip even more enjoyable and memorable.

The food is incredible – 3 multi-course, cooked-from-scratch meals a day! The portions are huge (to keep you well fueled for the climb): Everything is fresh and flavorful. You’ll be eating a lot of fresh fruits, meats, stews and curries with rice, and really nice desserts. In fact, you’ll have pizza at one lunch and popcorn as an afternoon snack every day to celebrate a day’s climb well-done.

You’ll be sleeping in small, comfortable mountain tents in very warm mummy sleeping bags. You’ll also have access to the luxury of a camping shower at lower elevations.

It was an amazing experience climbing Kilimanjaro with KiliWarrior Expeditions. I highly recommend them!