The top priority of all of the 50+ porters, guides, chefs was the comfort and well-being of the hikers.  Each went out of his way to see to our needs and desires in the kindest and sometimes most humorous way possible.

Hosea is a formidable leader.  He is personable, tireless,  firm, fair, concerned….. if anything, a bit too humble. He has a really big job, and he is a really big man.

I was one of the weakest links….my pacemaker was not well calibrated to exertion beyond 15-16,000 feet.  My cardiologist warned this might be the case, but encouraged me to try….and I am so glad I did.  Hosea was wise to give me the choice between forging ahead to Barafu or going to lower altitude ( which I chose).  Felix was a careful and considerate guide, and I am very grateful for his kindness and that of the other team which accompanied me.

I tell my friends that this trip was a bit of “glamping!”  Whoever heard of chairs or hot water bottles or camp toilets on a 9 day wilderness trip?  Showers?  An impossible luxury!

Thank you, thank you for a memorable and positive adventure.  A once in a lifetime challenge undertaken in complete luxury.