Dear Gerry,


From the very moment that Wilbert picked us up at the airport to the very last minute he dropped us of again our whole experience was one of wonder and awe.


We were treated as treasured guests and the treatment only got better as the week progressed. We can not say enough about the leadership of Hosea – he knew exactly that I (Louize or Mamma Benny) will need his help and expertise and made sure to keep me close to his side. I will always remember how he took my hand and guided me over the rocks on the Western Breach. It would not be fair to the very strong men who carried those bags for miles with a smile to single any one out but our personal porters Julius and Ezekiel was there for us every step of the way.


The porters were always friendly, helpful and went above and beyond of what was expected. We will always remember how they removed our boots when we could not! Mealtimes were a feast and we joked around how our appetites never waned as we were warned it might happen, I think even Kanini was surprised by our healthy appetites.


To show our appreciation our group added an additional donation to the team. We are hoping it would benefit those whose names we don’t even know but they surely knew to care for us and cheer us on.


We thank you and your amazing team for the memorable experience we had, hearing your teenagers say that this was the best time of their lives, is priceless. We will treasure the memories for a lifetime.


We could not have asked for a better company to fulfill our dream of climbing to the top of Africa.