My wife Koel and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in December 2013 along the Lemosho – Western Breach route. After a successful 9 day trek, we spent 6 days in Ndutu on a spectacular safari. Our exclusive, 16-day Tanzania tour was wonderfully managed by KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS. Gerry was prompt and comprehensive with all the answers during the initial enquiry and booking stage and the climb was unbelievably well-organised.

On the mountain the 20-member KILIWARRIOR team,  ably led by Wilbert & Hosea, was helpful, professional and enthusiastic. This enabled just the right mix between our safety, comfort and well-being on the one hand, and the thrill and adventure of climbing the Western Breach, on other hand.  Hosea was exceptional and, supported ably by Shedrack and Juma, he helped us reach Uhuru Peak and get down safely; Kanini, Louis and team helped tremendously with solid support at the camps and in ensuring unexpectedly wholesome and good quality food right through. My wife is certain that without Hosea’s help and expertise she would not have made it to the top!

Wilbert accompanied us during the Ndutu extension  and helped facilitate a superb safari – Nasikia mobile camp was well-located and the dedicated car was in excellent condition. Both Simon (first two days) and George (next four days) proved to be very competent driver-cum-guides and ensured we had great sightings of various wildlife species and behaviour, including, remarkably, two actual ‘kills’ – lions taking down a zebra and a mother cheetah bringing down a wildebeest!

As an award-winning photographer and travel-writer I had several specific requirements in terms of my lenses, tripod, charging batteries on the mountain, full day game drives etc. and I was happy to see that all my exacting requirements were catered to by the KILIWARRIOR team both during the climb and safari. This helped me create lots of high quality images during the trip.  While my previous trip to Africa had resulted in recognition of my images at numerous international photographic salons and more than a dozen publications, I am sure this Tanzania tour would lead to even more exciting articles and pictures.

In conclusion, my wife and I would like to thank each and every member of the KILIWARRIOR EXPEDITIONS team. We would heartily recommend them as excellent outfitters for anyone planning a climb to the top of Africa and / or going on a Tanzanian safari